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Decks from Yacht Decking A/S

Teak decks from Yacht Decking A/S – Quality that lasts
We are proud to deliver our quality teak decks and provide below some information defining the production process that may be of interest to you...

The boards are glued with a rough surface in order to ascertain good adhesion for many years. The wooden materials are glued to the fiberglass in our own workshop under optimal conditions including intense heat and vaccuum. Materials are “quarter-cut”, meaning that the boards have standing year-rings ensuring minimal movement during various weather conditions.

Materials are post-dried
Before applying the glue, we dry the materials further in order to avoid cracks during extreme dry and hot weather conditions. We have also developed new seams that have proven to give better adhesion for the Simson deck chalk.The seams have full depth ensuring long longevity. During seaming, heated Simson is used to penetrate deeper into all the pores for optimal adhesion. All wooden pieces are hand-picked ensuring fine quality control. All seem tracks are made by a computerized routher for high precision and total likeness.

Researching alternative materials
Teak is a fantastic material that is difficult to imitate. However,  we are researching other wood types that may contain the same qualities as teak and hope to provide a new rainforest-friendly wood sort within 2007. We put our soul into making the finest decks on the market.

Good luck – and enjoy!