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The environmentally friendly alternative for teakdecks



Considering the growing demand for high quality teak and at the same time the environmental issues that follows by using Teak, Yacht Decking A/S has focused on a totally new concept in teak decking. GREEN TEAK Superfineteak Decking. Developed by Italian teak specialists Ciemme. We have now the rights for Green teak in Scandinavia.

Green Teak is a composite material made from a glued-laminated assembly of thin lamellas of genuine teak. The quality the teak wood achieves from this production process, is compatible with the best Burmese teak on the marked.

Teak wood used for this compilation comes from plantations that are managed in a sustainable process and satisfy the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) environmental and social standards.

With this new product Yacht Decking A/S can continue supplying are customers with flawless decks, with high stability and homogeneous quality that is consistent with the highest environmental standards.


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        Green Teak properties
          • Homogeneous play of colors
          • Dimension stabil
          • Extremely durable